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Edge X

EdgeX™ Hypnotize-12.75" Outfield Glove

Perfectly aligned, this one-of-a-kind EdgeX is a perfected 12.75” pattern. Made with AmericanKIP™ and SuperSoft™ leather and featuring a CROSS-STITCH pattern. This “Gamer-for-Life” EdgeX is made with an H-Web ideal for outfield. This hand-stitched EdgeX is made with bonded and waxed thread that has over three times the tensile strength and abrasion resistance of traditional ballglove thread to ensure ultimate durability.
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Please notice that there is no color in the laser engraving. For darker leathers it will be a tone-on-tone look.

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Order now and your product will be handcrafted and ready to ship to you in up to 6 weeks.
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AmericanKIP™ SuperSoft™
Game Ready
Break-in Required
Light Weight
Product Details

  • Position: Ourfield
  • Adult
  • Cross Stitch
  • 12.75" Pattern
  • Open Back
  • Moisture Wicking Wrist Liner
  • 730g
  • AmericanKIP™
  • SuperSoft™
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Made In USA
  • No Returns – Please note that EdgeX gloves cannot be returned, in order to preserve the fine quality of these one-of-a-kind gloves. We stand behind our products, and offer our EDGEX WARRANTY GUARANTEE – EdgeX gloves are fully guaranteed for 3 year against defective workmanship and material, when used for the purposes intended under normal conditions, and provided it receives proper care. This guarantee does not cover damage resulting from misuse, or from normal wear and tear. Questions? Contact us at [email protected].

Reviews (22)
5 Stars
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Mel Shafer
- 17th Apr 2022
Got my Edge X "Run the Show" glove today in the mail. This is the fourth glove I have bought from Nokona and I love it. The gloves never disappoint, are easy to break in, and a blast to use. Much higher quality than the other big "brand name" gloves. If you want a super high quality, made in America ball glove that will last a lifetime, then look no further than Nokona.
- 15th Mar 2022
My son has been using custom Nokona gloves since he was 9. He is a now a sophomore in High School looking at colleges. We purchased the Lucky Blue 12” EdgeX Utility Glove and are in the process of breaking it in for this summer’s use. It is a well-made , not to flashy but still eye-catching glove to add to his travel bag. Plenty of coaches have commented over the years on the quality of your custom gloves. Thanks Nokona for still crafting gloves in the USA. It matters…..
Bobby Gee
- 14th Mar 2022
Incredible glove, I bought for my collection of almost forty gloves. This is my premiere piece.
Jeffrey Beard
- 11th Mar 2022
EdgeX Strobe has been an amazing addition to the Nakona family of gloves in ourhome. Amazing quality and design and is responsive on the field
Scott miller
- 11th Mar 2022
My first edge but 11th nokona and what an amazing glove. I bought this for my 12 year old son so he has that glove he can keep forever. Beautiful glove we only play catch with it to keep it clean and nice and Moist like the kangaroo glove I bought 30 plus years ago this one will be in our family for a long time
Ray Gherardini
- 11th Mar 2022
My son’s in high school and has used Nokona gloves since he was six. He’s said this is by far the best! Great quality, easy to break-in and looks great!
Scott miller
- 11th Mar 2022
I purchased this glove for a young man in college pitcher for a major university and the feedback he receives on the glove is amazing. Everywhere he goes people ask about it. Great build, great feel, amazing looks.
Todd Cavanah
- 10th Mar 2022
My son used a Nokona glove for travel baseball but he is outgrowing it. I bought this glove for him to use for the next level of baseball that he is in. Nokona gloves are special and this line of one of a kind gloves are outstanding in every way!
Tommy Douglas
- 10th Mar 2022
My son has been using Nokona gloves since coach pitch and loves them. I was fortunate to get a one of a kind glove during the drawing and he absolutely went nuts on Christmas morning when I gave it to him. These gloves are meant to last with all the care.
Jimbo Hannah
- 10th Mar 2022
The only glove my 14 y/o will use is Nokona. The Edge design allows the ability to get the ball out quicker. Perfect glove for a middle infielder. We receive compliments on the aesthetic and performance of the glove everywhere we go.
Sam Midanek
- 10th Mar 2022
This glove is awesome. My son has been using Nokona for years and this is his favorite glove. It’s a tad heavier but the quality and craftmanship is amazing. I highly recommend this product. I know the cost is high but it’s a one of a kind and should last forever.
Chad Bournes
- 10th Mar 2022
Picked up the Get the Scoop for my son for Christmas and am once again amazed at the level of craftsmanship that Nokona has put into this one if a kind piece of leather! Break in only took about 2 throwing sessions and my 2nd baseman will get a lifetime of use out of this work of art. If you get the chance on the next release you should Get the Scoop and be blown away like us!
Joannie Han Dressor
- 28th Dec 2021
We have been buying Nokona gloves for 6 years. They truly outdid themselves with the one-of-a-kind gloves. They are gorgeous gloves. They are truly amazing.
Robert W Jackson
- 4th Oct 2021
Great one-of-a-kind glove...Edge Grand...amazing craftsmanship...nobody does it like Nokona!!!
K Mittelmeier
- 2nd Oct 2021
Wow! A glove like no other--in looks, fit and playability. Light and responsive yet very sturdy. The heel pad adds just the right amount of protection and structure. The character of the Generation leather and cool exterior stitching combine to make this a glove I enjoy looking at as much as using. Expensive, yes, but worth the extra money for the feel, quality performance, and truly unique look. Can't wait to see 2.0!
D McKinley
- 2nd Oct 2021
I bought this glove and absolutely love it. The "smooth" pocket they describe is actually really nice for balls that aren't caught dead center...rolls right where it should go. I noticed the outside stitching is just a little worn/frayed at the tip of the pointer and index finger where it rubs the ground when you field a ground ball or pick a ball up off the ground, but it doesn't quite look like it will wear to the point of breaking yet. The inside of the glove feels like a dream with the soft leather...couldn't be happier. I worried about the price but after using the glove...worth every penny. My last Nokona lasted 18 years, so I hope this one does the same. Not a bad investment for another 18 years!
Erick Smith
- 2nd Oct 2021
This glove looks and feels like a work of art. When I received it I was blown away with the packaging and individual glove case that each edge x comes with. The way these gloves are stitched really changes the feel of how it fits and performs. 5 stars!!!
Jay Miller
- 1st Oct 2021
I bought this glove for my son that plays 16u. He absolutely loves his glove. He mostly pitches but plays infield and outfield as well. This 12" glove is the perfect size. He says quick transitions and a great pocket make it the perfect glove for him! Bottom line for him is this glove looks, feels, and plays amazing!
- 1st Oct 2021
I bought this glove for my grandson. He about crapped his pants when he saw it. He’s slowing breaking it in. So far so good. Always has a smile when he puts it on. Nokona is our go to when we buy gloves for the family. Native Texans stick together!
- 30th Sep 2021
This glove is absolutely incredible. Truly revolutionary.
- 25th Aug 2021
I recently purchased the new Edge X Galaxy glove and it is stunning. It came with a beautiful carrying case fully custom to this one-of-a-kind glove. Our entire family uses Nokona as they are the absolute best. Paid top dollar for a top tier glove not like any other. Nothing compares to a Nokona!
Logan Kimberl
- 10th Aug 2021
Just received the EdgeX COCOA. It is a true masterpiece. The construction of this glove is absolutely amazing. I have owned Nokona gloves (6) since I was five years old. This is without a doubt the best.

45 digitally-engineered components, crafted with 1,476 cross-stitches for added durability, and a unique design to call your own. EdgeX innovation creates a flush surface in the palm to channel the ball directly into the pocket, giving the confidence of knowing exactly where the ball is every time.

EdgeX construction provides perfect alignment for each component, including the perfect fit of the liner into the outer shell, and maintains leather integrity better than ever before. This revolutionary process results in unparalleled leather smoothness, ideal for ballglove performance. Laces are grade-A ¼” American Steerhide throughout, with pro-level padding for added structure, but with an easy break-in.
American Flag Nokona Wrist patch is applied with a moisture-wicking wrist liner for comfort and performance. The bonded and waxed 16-ply nylon thread provides extra strength and durability.
This handmade glove takes small batch manufacturing to a new level. Includes Nokona hardware on the index finger, and Nokona Icon stamps in the palm and thumb. This product is a limited run of 1, a true one-of-a-kind.
AmericanKIP™ is the finest American steerhide, with similar characteristics to Japanese and European ‘kip’ leather, in that it is both light-weight and nicely structured. This high-performing leather is durable, has a buttery feel, and is a top choice among our pro players.
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